Bringing Mobile Ultrasound To Canadian Veterinarians!

The veterinarians of Canada, like their colleagues around the world, desire the ability to manage all of their patients care from admission to discharge. Likewise, the patient’s owners prefer to have their animals stay at one facility and to be cared for by a veterinarian or veterinarians that they know and trust.
Having spent a considerable amount of time working with veterinarians in Canada, our team determined that a mobile ultrasound service would allow for seamless patient care with minimal to no patient transport, faster and less intrusive diagnostic testing and cost effective patient care for the pet owners.
We elected to offer not only abdominal, cardiac and small parts ultrasound but also provide interventional procedures necessary to fulfill the diagnostic pathway. By doing so, we are capable of scanning a patient, working with attending veterinarians to assess patients for biopsy or aspiration and then collecting any samples that may be required to accurately diagnose and address the underlying concern.

Ultrasound Equipment

At RVUS we have chosen industry leading equipment from vendors with reputable and proven track records in the industry. From the front lines to your final report it is imperative that the equipment and the user provide images that equip the specialists with the highest level of quality and reproducibility to confidently provide an accurate interpretation of the sonogram.
This, in turn, provides you with additional tools to arrive at a diagnosis and prognosis and to enhance the care model for your patient and confidence with your client. Our team of professionals with decades of ultrasound experience encourage the use of ultrasound as a leading route to non-invasively assess organs and pathology in question. To cover that spectrum, a variety of transducers are essential, all with different characteristics.
Whether your patient is 100 lbs or 10 lbs, take comfort in knowing your sonographer is capable of generating images that are sensitive and specific to the clinical concerns.