The veterinarians of Canada, like their colleagues around the world, desire the ability to manage all of their patients care from admission to discharge. Likewise, the patient’s owners prefer to have their animals stay at one facility and to be cared for by a veterinarian or veterinarians that they know and trust.
Having spent a considerable amount of time working with veterinarians in Canada, our team determined that a mobile ultrasound service would allow for seamless patient care with minimal to no patient transport, faster and less intrusive diagnostic testing and cost effective patient care for the pet owners.
We elected to offer not only abdominal, cardiac and small parts ultrasound but also provide interventional procedures necessary to fulfill the diagnostic pathway. By doing so, we are capable of scanning a patient, working with attending veterinarians to assess patients for biopsy or aspiration and then collecting any samples that may be required to accurately diagnose and address the underlying concern.

Dr. Chris Belan

(403) 975-3573

Dr. Chris Belan is a 1978 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout his practice career he has had an interest in imaging and specifically diagnostic ultrasound. Starting with equine applications this interest has developed into a passion for companion animal diagnostic imaging. For the last 5 years Dr. Belan has focused on providing a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound service for companion animal clinics located in Calgary and district.
Dr. Belan looks forward to assisting Calgary and area veterinary clinics in providing advanced ultrasound diagnostics for their clients. Chris, and his wife Linda live in Calgary. They have three adult children, 4 grand children and two Border Terriers, Blue and Easy. Feel free to contact Dr. Belan to discuss your diagnostic ultrasound needs.

Dr. Sarah Barthelemy

(403) 975-3573

Dr. Sarah Barthelemy is a 2012 graduate from Murdoch University’s Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Program (Western Australia). She has spent time in general practice and emergency and critical care medicine, primarily working with companion animals. Throughout her career, Dr. Barthelemy developed a strong interest and passion for internal medicine and sonography. She has completed both the abdominal and echocardiography small animal imaging programs through the Academy of Veterinary Imaging in Texas, USA. Dr. Sarah is very excited to be able to offer mobile ultrasound services in veterinary practices to assist clinicians in managing their patients. In her spare time, she loves spending time with friends and family, traveling and playing sports.

Dave Stasiuk

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Dave is a professional, certified medical sonographer who started mobile veterinary ultrasound in Calgary and area in 2016. He is a graduate from the Diagnostic School of Ultrasound in Winnipeg, class of 1994. Dave takes special interest in discipline of Cardiology, particularly echocardiography. He is excited and pleased to serve the veterinary community to complement the clinicians in gaining successful results and pathways for their patients. Dave resides in Calgary with his wife and three boys, along with his border collie buddie, Minnie.